What Have I
This is a one-pager that I created for my father's presidential campaign. I wrote both the copy and did the design

Weyi for President

One-pager for my father’s presidential campaign. I did both copy and design

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US-Brazil Connect

Copy/design of a financial case document for an innovative cultural exchange STEM non-profit when I worked as their CDO. Full document below.

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Rakuten Invitation

Copy for the Innovation Summit for the The Laundry in SF, which included an invitation pitch to Rakuten for their first opportunity exchange trip to Silicon Valley

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Kindness Yoga

I represented a wonderful local yoga studio that unfortunately went out of business due to Covid after 20 years. I also appeared in much of branding later on (as I do here)

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The Greatest Lost Art

Creative Writing Sample

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The Other

Copy for an international story swapping and empathy building project I did alongside the Denver Art Museum. We ended up getting fascinating submissions from 15 countries!

PDF Samples

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Book Bars: A Freestyle TAle

And for a fun side of language, here’s a video combining my love of improvisation, storytelling, music and literature