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Scratching The Surface

What if Ghandi discriminated against Africans? What if our memories were mostly fiction?
What if the line between suffering and prosperity weren’t so clear?

Scratching the Surface, a collection of five essays by Brenton Weyi, explores these topics and more in order to study to difficult truths of humanity to take readers on a journey of examination to develop a more nuanced and profound understanding of the human experience.

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About Brenton

Brenton Crouch Greyscale (2)Brenton Weyi uses the power of words to cultivate humanity. He writes essays  that blend the poetic and  historical in order to examine  the struggle and beauty of the  human experience. He also  writes and performs his own  unique style of narrative  poetry that borrows from  Greek and classical forms. Finally, he performs and  speaks on stage.

His essays and poetry cover a wide variety of topics. It’s Brenton’s belief that  life is philosophical, moral, psychological, artistic, and so much more. And it is  drawing connections between these areas that truth can be found.


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