Ways We Can Collaborate

Commission a Specially-Written Narrative Poem

I write and perform specially-commissioned narrative poetry pieces that capture the beauty and essence of a particular occasion — from weddings to city events. I’ve done this in 16 countries on 4 continents for nearly 10 years. Each event is so unique, and I believe that the power of words evokes a really special energy; I love weaving language from the heart that makes events much more magical.

Brenton Shabbos

Keynote Speech | Fireside Talk

I’ve spoken at universities, state governments, private companies and community organizations about the power of connection and leveraging the human story to create a better world. He uses his background in philosophy, history, poetry, freestyle and dance to craft unique talks meant to enrapture the mind and enliven the soul — leaving audiences both educated and entertained, with a few things to ponder at home.


Brenton works with organizations that want to leave a massive positive footprint of global impact. He teaches them how to tell their story in the most impactful and elegant way possible through looking at their messaging, campaign strategies, and organizational cohesion, while always leading with his mantra: people first.


Examples of his work:

— Weyi for President: I lead all of the global campaign strategy for his father Emmanuel Weyi, a presidential candidate for the Democratic Republic of Congo. His design for the campaign was based the foundation of creative a positive future for the country, which has yielded major financial support, features in the LA Times and NPR (among others), and inspiring a whole nation for a new beginning
— US-Brazil Connect: Brenton lead strategy for development, new partnerships and messaging for US-Brazil Connect, a non-profit that has raised $8 Million in 5 years and creates conscious global leaders by sponsoring college students to lead cultural exchange programs in Brazil through ever-evolving partnerships with corporations and community foundations.