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Ways We Can Collaborate

Commission a Specially-Written Narrative Poem

Brenton has written and performed specially-commissioned narrative poetry pieces that capture the beauty and essence of a particular occasion — from weddings to city events. I’ve done this in 16 countries on 4 continents for nearly 10 years. Each event is so unique, and I believe that the power of words evokes a really special energy; I love weaving language from the heart that makes events much more magical.

Brenton Shabbos

Keynote Speech | Fireside Talk

Brenton has spoken at universities, state governments, private companies and community organizations about the power of connection and leveraging the human story to create a better world. He uses his background in philosophy, history, poetry, freestyle and dance to craft unique talks meant to enrapture the mind and enliven the soul — leaving audiences both educated and entertained, with a few things to ponder at home.