What if you could bottle the innovative spirit of Silicon Valley and bring it back home with you?


What if you could learn the essence of disruptive thinking that makes the Valley so special, and leverage that energy to build the most compelling brand in the world?

That’s Exactly What You Will Learn at The Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

What makes Silicon Valley so enlivened with innovative energy is a beautiful mixture of design thinking, risk-taking, and of course: healthy competition. Living in a startup-driven culture is not just mere work – it’s a lifestyle. And we’re inviting Rakuten to learn about that lifestyle and join this incredible ecosystem. 

Who We Are: The Laundry is a San Francisco innovation center that fosters connection and collaboration between global brands, industry experts, startups and creators to conceive and achieve the world of tomorrow.

Why We Exist: We exist to leverage the knowledge of visionary thinkers to create an ecosystem of innovators ready to launch technologies and solutions that the world needs – before it knows it needs them

Who You Are: You are one of the most unique companies in the world. You represent a business model that focuses on curating the most personal and trusting commercial experience for both consumers and vendors. You are Rakuten. And you want to learn how to leverage your unique model to create a culture that innovates like Google, and to build brand awareness that inspires super-users like Snapchat.


But What Makes Silicon Valley So Different?

Eric Weiner, Author of The Geography of Genius, talks about why Silicon Valley has not been replicated in places like London: “Silicon Valley is a culture. And you can’t replicate culture.”

And we’re going to spend 5 days learning about how to build a disruptive culture like the best companies in the Valley. We will host a 5-day immersive experience to engage with top thought-leaders in Silicon Valley, learning design and disruption and principals, while breathing in the culture that sets the best companies apart. This experience will culminate in Rakuten returning with a set of new ideas to truly become a global disruptor.


The summit will provide Rakuten:

  • An Innovation Program
    • If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. The Innovation Program will be the heart of our experience. You will meet and learn from the brightest minds in the Startup world and really dive deep into their process for creating systems, cultures and companies that are always redefining the status quo. We will explore the lifeblood of Silicon Valley through presentation, workshops and breakout talks designed to spark new methods of driving infectious disruption.
  • Silicon Valley Tour
    • During the Silicon Valley tour, we will cross bridges to build bridges. As Rakuten understands, true transformation is driven by human connection. So we will organize a tour to expose Rakuten representatives to all of the subtle features of companies that you can’t experience from afar. It will be analyzing these features in person that will give insights into the true magic behind Silcon Valley.
  • Social Events
    • One of the most important features of learning a new way of thinking is being exposed to new mindsets. And social events are a great way for new ideas to permeate and generate new perspectives in a less rigid setting. So we will connect Rakuten with leading Silicon Valley professionals and startups in fun and creative social experiences to showcase the “lifestyle” aspect of Silicon Valley and the creative genius behind Rakuten Art and Design.


The Outline of Your Perspective-Shifting Journey

Day 1

Keynote: “How to Build your Brand in Silicon Valley”

Breakout Sessions

Day 2

Silicon Valley Tour

Social Event Happy Hour @ The Laundry + Showcase of Rakuten Art

Day 3

Meetings with Strategic Companies

1:1 Coaching with their teams 

Day 4

Design Innovation Thinking Workshop

Mastermind Dinner with innovative leaders

Day 5

Emerging New Technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence)

San Francisco Experiential Even

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