You’ve got an idea that could change the world. But, you might be wondering how to turn that idea into a finished product. That’s why we’re here!


Indiegogo has teamed up with General Assembly to help you learn about the entire process of bringing an idea to market. We’re here to support innovators like you every step of the way – from validating your idea to raising funds, to actually “shipping” to eager customers.

We’ll show you how turning your idea into an actual product, and eventual business, is about so much more than raising funds – it’s an opportunity to build your community, learn about product feasibility and find partners to help make your dream a reality.

The course will cover three sections:

Shape it. Here you’ll learn about how to do the proper research and planning for your product, and how to find support to bring your idea to life.

Fund it. If you want to take your product to the next level, you’ll usually need to seek funding. Funding can seem like an intimidating or daunting task. But in this section, you’ll learn 4 proven ways to get a startup funded and confidently get your product out into the market.

Build it. Once your product is researched and funded, you’ll need to know how to build and ship it! So this section will explore how to find manufacturers, fulfill your shipping orders, and create a foundation for a sustained business past your first product.

In addition to this three-part framework, you’ll also gain insights into:

  • How to assess the strength of your idea
  • In-depth tips on planning and running a crowdfunding campaign
  • A look at key stages of developing a product, with advice from experts at each stage
  • Lessons learned from successful entrepreneurs who’ve brought their product to market
  • How to keep improving your product after it’s out on the market

So if you want to learn the entire process of bringing an idea to market and making your product a reality, join us for this course!

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