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  • “The Other”

    Untitled: Creative Fusions’ featured creative, Brenton Weyi, invites you to participate in his project “The Other”. “The Other” will be shared as part of the Denver Art Museum’s live online event Untitled: Creative Fusions at Home, featuring artists Ramon Bonilla and Brenton Weyi. “The Other” is designed to build a bridge of empathy with another person who you may never encounter or whose story you may not know. Through this project, Brenton is encouraging participates to dig deep into their experience and share something that might enrich the experience of another.

  • How to Participate:

    This is a reciprocal project. When you share your story, you will then receive another individual’s story. Here is how it works – share your story by responding to the prompt and enter your email below. You can either choose to respond with your first name, initials, or make your contribution anonymous. After submitting your story you will receive an email from Brenton with a story from another individual. During the Untitled: Creative Fusion at Home event on July 31st at 7pm Brenton will choose a handful of stories to read and share with the audience. The story you share might be used by Brenton in future projects as well

  • Deadline:

    Please submit your experience by Wednesday July 29t